BPD Center


    Over the past 4 years we have developed unique neonatal MRI capabilities that provide high-resolution, detailed images of lung parenchymal and vascular structures, regional cardiopulmonary function, and dynamic airway collapse, all during quiet breathing and without sedation or ionizing radiation.  This collective information allows phenotyping of respiratory disease related to premature birth (bronchopulmonary dysplasia, BPD) and has the potential to significantly change the understanding and timecourse of this disease.  Particularly, this provides avenues for personalized treatments via a combination of existing and new therapies.
     We have established a new BPD Center that combines basic imaging research with translational medicine.   The Center has four arms that focus on rigorous clinical validation of cardiopulmonary and airway MRI phenotyping (diagnostics), integration of bronchoalveolar lavage samples with a map of the developing lung, animal models, and novel drug interventions (discovery), creation of individualized treatment strategies and tailored interventions (translation), and the establishment of a clinical BPD Center of Excellence (clinical).




BPD Center Directors


Pulmonary Medicine



Pulmonary Biology

Jason Woods PhD

Beth Haberman MD

Raouf Amin MD

Alan Brody MD

Michael Taylor MD

Anne Karina Perl PhD

Paul Kingma MD PhD

Melissa House MD

Nara Higano PhD

Robert Fleck MD

Ryan Moore MD

Jeff Whitsett MD

Erik Hysinger MD

Jennifer Brady MD

Alister Bates PhD

Andrew Schapiro MD

Russell Hirsch MD



Amy Nathan MD

Laura Walkup PhD

Mark DiFrancesco PhD

Paul Critser MD PhD



Shawn Ahlfeld MD

Keren Armoni Domany MD

Chamindu Gunatilaka BS

Burns Blaxall PhD



Stephanie Merhar MD

Dan Benscoter DO

Erin Watters, BA




Brenda Poindexter MD

Goutham Mylavarapu PhD






Jaylynn Hill