Research Assistant IV

     A Research Assistant is needed in the CPIR, to perform hyperpolarized-gas production and analysis.  The candidate must have a technical BS/BA in a physical science, engineering, or related subject.  Experience with electronics, high-pressures, glassware, and/or coding experience (MATLAB, C++, python) is desired.  Excellent communication skills, strong attention to detail and safety, and the ability to synthesize information and deal with new situations in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment are all essential to success.  Willingness to openly communicate, learn new subjects and skills, and teach others is essential.  Job responsibilities will include hyperpolarized-gas production using commercial and homebuilt equipment, maintaining and developing equipment, SOPs, and data collection and image analysis, after appropriate training. Documenting compliance with FDA and institutional regulations will also be required. The Center for Pulmonary Imaging Research sits at the intersection of Radiology, Pulmonary Medicine, Engineering, and Neonatology.  Team members have diverse backgrounds that range from atomic physics to physical chemistry to pulmonary medicine and biology and perform cutting-edge research in MRI of the lung in animals and humans of all ages with a variety of lung diseases and conditions.

Interested candidates should contact Jason Woods (